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Performance & Load Testing

Understand the actual performance of your application under normal conditions and load test it to determine the maximum capacity of your current deployment.

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Penetration Testing

99.8% applications have at least one vulnerability. We can help you find out how many vulnerabilities your application has, as well as help you fix them before they hurt your business.

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Deployment Architecture Review

Is your deployment secure and follows the best practices to ensure it is scalable? Let’s find out what small changes your team could make to boost performance and scalability.

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Static Code Analysis

Let us examine your static code and find performance and security issues without it entering your deployment environment. We make sure you get an in-depth report from us that will help you address the issue before the code is deployed to production.

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Yes, I Have An App

It needs security testing, load and performance testing and it may need deployment architecture review and static code analysis.

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