penetration-testing approach

penetration testing platforms


➣   Amazon Web Services
➣   Microsoft Azure
➣   Google Cloud Platform
➣   Alibaba Cloud
➣   Digital Ocean
➣   CtrlS
➣   SAP
➣   Docker
➣   YOTA Cloud
➣   Private Kubernetes deployments


➣    Web
➣    Mobile
➣    IOT
➣    API
➣    Network
penetration testing applications

Major pitfalls identified


NIST 800-115

PCI penetration issues

OWAPS top 10 security issues

penetration testing Major deliverables

Major deliverables

➣    VAPT report
➣    Backdoor clean up support
➣    One week of handholding and consulting

Yes, I Have An App

It needs security testing, load and performance testing and it may need deployment architecture review and static code analysis.

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